Our 2022 Testimonials

Just wanted to let you both know that I took the state exam a couple of days ago, and I passed! I want to thank you both for teaching the class in a way that made the ideas in the material make real-world sense for us. It is a great way to convey things that most of us don’t spend much time thinking about.

Keanon Ferguson, 26 May 2022

Both instructors did a great job explaining concepts from the textbook in a real-world situation.

Graduated Student, March 2022

Hi Dale! This is Daria; I just took your real estate class and wanted to let you know that I passed my test today!! The fundamentals final was a HUGE help!! I feel like it was almost all on there! Thank you so much for this amazing class and all the info!

Daria Ulyanchuk, 8 May 2022

Good morning! Just wanted to let you know I managed to pass my broker’s exam yesterday on the first try. It is tricky, for sure. I still can’t believe it. It feels like a miracle! Thanks for the great classes!

Tatyana Baydak , 26 April 2022

Our 2021 Testimonials

This was my first time taking online classes. I really enjoyed the course, I learned a lot. The course overall was great, well explained, answered all my questions, had the opportunity to work with the rest of the classmates, it didn’t feel like online class. I enjoyed this course. We had two different types of training due different teachers and it worked out well. Thank you for making this class very interesting and well taught. Will definitely recommend it.

Graduated Student, 18 November 2021

Both instructors had their own way of teaching the class. Both were very helpful. Walked away with a great load of knowledge and preparedness. Thank you.

Graduated Student, 18 November 2021

Incredible class taught by two amazing, helpful, dedicated instructors. My time in class was immensely helpful in making me more prepared, encouraged, and ready to take my Real Estate License Exam. The material was taught in a way that was easy to follow, the guidance was unparalleled, and I feel a sense of confidence I otherwise would not have if not for the class. Thank you, Dale and Forest!

Allie Cosmos, 15 April 2021

They are the best. They both have the kindest personality! Thank you!!

Danielle Castillo, 15 April 2021

Great class schedule and glad not having to do Saturdays. I would recommend staying from 830 to 9 and ask more in-depth questions or non-relevant questions. Great personalities and very VERY informative. Lots of help. Thank you.

Ginele M. Lee, 15 April 2021

Dale and Forrest were amazing instructors. I couldn’t have picked a better school to learn everything I need to know about Real Estate. I will definitely recommend this school to anyone I come across that will be looking into getting into Real Estate. Mahalo to both of you for all your knowledge and teachings.

Carlo Yumol, 15 April 2021

I wish I could rate this class more than 5. Dale and Forrest deserve 100 stars! They presented great lessons and shared their experience in real estate with the class. They organized the chapters so well, had patience in answering all the questions, and made sure that students understand every chapter. I also like the self/group study and how they invited other professionals in real estate to share their experience with the class. They were very well prepared for every class. I could write a page about how great their class was. I will definitely recommend this class to others.

Tien Tran, 15 April 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Dale’s enthusiasm along with Forrest’s thoroughness make the course a top-tier one for sure. I came in not knowing a thing about Real Estate Law. I leave confident I will pass the state exam in my first try.

18 November 2021

Dale and Forrest are very friendly, funny and extremely competent in teaching this class. Their years in the real estate business have allowed them to share many great stories and anecdotes and pass on their general knowledge. It was a pleasure taking their course and I would encourage anyone I encounter that is interested in being a realtor to sign up for this class!

Heidi Culver, 18 November 2021

The instructors went above and beyond with teaching me all of the information that is needed to become a successful real estate agent and to pass the real estate exam!

Al-Hassan Qatamin, 18 November 2021

I really enjoyed the class in general, I have gone through courses for other types of licensing like insurance and I have to study on my own and it was very hard and I still passed the exam the first time, so now that I took this course and saw the huge difference I feel very confident that I got a lot more benefits going to a class with amazing people like Dale and Forrest.

Teresita Quiroz, 18 November 2021

I loved the class and the support. Dale and Forrest, you guys are awesome. Thanks for everything.

Zintia Velasquez, 18 November 2021

Thanks to both of our amazing instructors, Dale and Forrest for an awesome live class!

Kayla Hang, 18 November 2021

This was my first time taking online classes. I really enjoyed the course, I learned a lot. The course overall was great, well explained, answered all my questions, had the opportunity to work with the rest of the classmates, it didn’t feel like online class. I enjoyed this course. We had two different types of training due different teachers and it worked out well. Thank you for making this class very interesting and well taught. Will definitely recommend it.

J Robeerts, 18 November 2021

I am extremely happy with both Dale and Forrest and how they taught this class. They were always eager to answer questions and were always willing to go above and beyond. I would recommend anyone take this class to give them the opportunity to succeed in real estate And helping them pass their broker’s exam.

Deborah Cisnetos, 15 April 2021

The instructors are very informative, show a lot of interest in real estate, and give good advice that will help us learn and acquire skills in real estate. The course was very helpful, and I would recommend anyone to learn from such great teachers.

Loveline Nganga, 15 April 2021

Thank you for all your commitment and dedication to teaching this course.

Maria Ordaz, 15 April 2021

I took my brokers exam this morning and passed! I don’t think I would have passed if it wasn’t for this class.

Jessica Pickett, 24 April 2021

Dale and Forrest are wonderful teachers. Thank you for all the explanations and for answering my (many) questions. I was very lucky to get into your class.

Batrakova Larissa, 15 April 2021

Dale and Forrest are excellent teachers. I am very lucky to have a chance to be their student and I really appreciate their help.

18 November 2021

This program is so AWESOME – well organized well taught! Dale and Forrest are the best team of instructors. They taught this class with supreme knowledge, patience, and compassion. These two guys are just an AMAZING team and there is no better instructional team I would rather learn from than Dale and Forrest. I really really enjoyed these past 10 weeks and I’m surely going to miss this program and this class. In the beginning I was dreading being here for three nights a week. But with Dale and Forrest’s teaching style, it was so much fun that I looked forward to getting off of work and getting to class. And now that it’s over, I actually am really sad! But nonetheless, they taught me well and I am confident in the lessons I learned that I surely will be getting my Real Estate license. Thanks a BUNCH guys! You both are INCREDIBLE!!!!

Julius Ekeroma, 18 November 2021

Dale and Forrest are amazing teachers as well as people. Learned everything I needed to know to pass the real estate test and more. Will be recommending to anyone looking for a real estate class.

Jerrick Bingisser, 18 November 2021

Dale and Forrest are extremely knowledgeable and made the class fun and interesting. I really appreciate their time and availability to answer any questions that may arise.

Colleen Cota, 18 November 2021

Both Dale and Forrest were amazing instructors and hey have a unique approach to breaking down the information so it was easy and fun to understand.

Artis Williams, 18 November 2021

This class was super helpful and really informative. For somebody who learns like me, I found it great that not only did we go over the subjects but they broke them down and most of the time related them to regular every day situations. Both of you guys were amazing. Thank you so much.

Robert Cotton Jr., 18 November 2021

Dale and Forrest couldn’t be any more ah’mazing than they were. I’m thoroughly satisfied with the instruction I received. They showed that they were more the instructors. They were very knowledgeable and motivating. I never once felt like I didn’t matter. They made me more excited to take this new journey.

Graduated Student, 18 November 2021

Even though I’m not a huge fan of Zoom classes, I enjoyed this class very much! Dale and Forrest did a great job relaying the information for us to learn. They are such wonderful teachers! And I would recommend them to anyone that’s looking to pursue real estate.

Katrina Halterman, 15 April 2021

It sucks that we had to do it through our computers. But on the other hand, it was enjoyable having the comfort of home and being able to have so many people in the class. Dale and Forrest were great and are very motivational characters which were helpful for me as I was going through the course and it’s great to see passionate people.

Sergey Prokopovich, 15 April 2021

Amazing insight and knowledge. After all these years of trying to get into your class, I can honestly say, “it was worth the wait”! Both Dale and Forrest brought to life a subject that, for me, was both challenging and (at times) overwhelming, in a way that made it comprehensive and tangible. In addition, their encouragement and enthusiasm for Real Estate, as a profession, was contagious.

Monica Cosmos, 15 April 2021

Both instructors did an outstanding job in presenting and leading our real estate class. It was a lot of material to cover in a short amount of time. The way the program was laid out really worked. I took my test last Wednesday and was thrilled to pass on my first attempt.

Angie Forrester, 26 April 2021

The class was amazing and both instructors were professional and helpful.

Suliana Asmare, 15 April 2021

Really enjoyed the class. I learned a lot.

18 November 2021

It was great being part of this cohort! Dale and Forrest are excellent instructors. They both offer a wealth of experience and expertise. Their sincerity and desire to see us succeed was evident throughout the course. The Rockwell books are very informative, and the practice materials are very good. Specifically, I like the vocabulary and summary sections of each chapter.

18 November 2021

I researched online classes vs a Webex-in person class. I’m so very grateful that I chose these two men to learn this course. Dale made class fun with his personality and Forrest is so personable and accessible to answer questions. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Great guys and very knowledgeable.

Dianna Root, 18 November 2021

Dale and Forrest have been phenomenal instructors from the get-go through the end. Dale brought an enthusiasm for Real Estate that exceeds any previous instructors I had in College. Forrest’s knowledge about the industry is very impressive as well. The thoroughness each instructor brought when students have questions about concept is unmatched as well.

The course emulates a University-level quality for a very affordable price. I looked forward to each class. Safe to say, I will miss the class for sure. However, Forrest, Dale, and my classmates have all given me a good first-step into my future career as a Real Estate Broker. I am ready to pass the state exam.

18 November 2021

The instructors were friendly and very knowledgeable of the course material. The course has helped with understanding the subjects necessary and the instructors were great at pointing out the high priority info.

Nathen Morgan, 18 November 2021

Our 2020 Testimonials

Overall I felt Mr. Dale and Mr. Forrest did an excellent job facilitating the Gateway Real Estate course. Each presenter/instructor demonstrated great subject matter expertise. They thoroughly went through all real estate terms and concepts outlined in the textbook and promptly responded to all student inquiries. I was extremely grateful for the ability to mesh academic principles with their practice real estate experience. All classes started promptly despite operating in a virtual environment. I am very pleased with my decision to take the course, I feel I have all the tools required to pass the real estate exam and have a successful career.

Michael Patterson II, 19 November 2020

Great and thorough instructors. Dale and Forrest were enthusiastic, caring, and genuinely proactive in making sure their students were taken care of. I would recommend this class to anyone who is serious about pursuing a real estate career!

Joseph Jagod, 19 November 2020

Both Dale and Forest were fantastic teachers! They really took the time to make sure we grasped the concepts and prepared us as much as possible for the state exam.

Jessica Kucek, 19 November 2020

I appreciated Dale’s wisdom and his attention to detail. He really took the time to get to know the students and welcome them by name. He made it comfortable and pleasant. He used our time really well in class and respected our time by giving us time to study. I enjoyed this class a lot and it made me feel more confident about going into the test. I have taken a class before but this one made me feel more prepared and confident. Dale, thank you very very much for all of your help, support, and guidance.

Rebecca Gray, 19 November 2020

I was so impressed with how Dale and Forrest taught this class, especially having to make the switch to online due to Covid19. I really appreciate how attentive and engaged and enthusiastic they were in teaching me this information. I felt all my questions were answered and when I struggled to understand, they were more than willing to help me understand.

PJ Blackwood, 19 November 2020

Dale is a great instructor!

Alee Meneses, 23 April 2020

I took an online course to get my license and after a couple of months, I knew I would need a different style of learning and a more hands-on approach in order for me to pass my test and learn the material. It was everything I needed and more! Loved this course and I loved the instructor. I can’t say enough nice and amazing things about Dale. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to get their license.

Craig, 23 April 2020

Dale is a very knowledgeable and nice guy. He has great personality teaching skills and is always willing to help. He will continue to explain things until you understand the information. He makes class interesting and exciting. I enjoy coming to class every day (which is a rarity for most of my classes.) Thanks for doing a great job Dale!

Davinder Singh, 23 April 2020

Really enjoyed the class and the teaching style. Also, the quickness of the video class was greatly appreciated.

Tom Canfield, 23 April 2020

The instructor Dale really made the class easy to follow along with and was great at simplifying the immense amount of material. He prepared us in every way to take and pass the real estate exam.

Adam Kiamco, 23 April 2020

Dale and Forrest presented the class in an extremely professional, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic manner. The end result was a very high level of class participation affording instructors time to provide more in-depth answers to our questions. Also of great benefit to students was that both Dale and Forrest advised our class to contact them with any questions we may have outside of normal class hours. I would highly recommend the class to those interested in a possible real estate career and most importantly recommend Dale and Forrest. Thank you.

Jim Johnson, 19 November 2020

Dale and Forrest are great instructors and I will recommend them to anyone who will like to take a real estate class.

George, 19 November 2020

I really enjoyed this course because I learned a lot about the fundamentals of real estate versus if I were to do it on my own. The instructors were really helpful and had the knowledge to teach us about this field and answer all of our questions. I really liked the online class setting because I live in Yakima, WA which means | would not be able to attend the live classes. Thank you, Dale and Forrest!

Erick Mendoza Chavez, 19 November 2020

Great class! Both instructors were very knowledgeable and always gave thorough answers to all of our questions.

Ariel Ward, 19 November 2020

We had some serious challenges in this class and Dale did a wonderful job of making sure we all finished. He is an amazing instructor and answered all of our questions. The class was fun (even the online portion) and informative. I feel very prepared for this new adventure.

Alicia H, 23 April 2020

Dale is a great instructor! It’s an awesome class that I would recommend everyone sign up for if you are interested in getting your broker license. He’s a go-to instructor.

Anonymous, 23 April 2020

This was an amazing class. Dale was always prepared, ontime, and had loads of content available for us to practice and study from. He went out of his way to answer every question and make sure that everyone understood what we needed to know for the test. Thank you!

Nicholas O'Neill, 23 April 2020

Amazing! I enjoyed the class and highly recommend it. Pretty sure you will remember your COVID19 class, Dale 🙂 Hope we stay in touch!

Svetlana Fesenko, 23 April 2020

Dale is nothing less than amazing. He is patient, kind, and very knowledgeable. I would recommend this class to any and everybody.

Mesha Joseph, 23 April 2020

I really enjoyed this class. It always started on time & both instructors were full of knowledge about the ins & outs of all things real estate. The information & resources provided were super helpful in helping us retain what we needed to know. I feel confident that I will be able to pass the real estate exam. I’d definitely recommend this course to others.

Deanna Bennett, 19 November 2020

Dale & Forrest, thank you so much for the incredible instruction with the prelicensing course! It was exactly what I needed to move forward with my real estate instruction. I have tried Rockwell 3 times before and just couldn’t get through the program due to a lack of personal instruction and motivation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to allow me to achieve my dream...literally! I have been wanting to be in real estate as a broker since I was in high school. I took a course at Tacoma Community College when I was 23, that I passed but never followed through with getting my license. I have successfully purchased numerous homes as rentals and fix and flips. But I have never had the courage to move forward with obtaining my license until now. It really means the world to me to be at this point in life and on this level of achievement. I owe so much of this to you two gentlemen for helping me to push forward. Thank you! I look forward to seeing and working with you both in the near future. Cheers!

Ryan Waterman, 19 November 2020

I loved the positivity, likeability, candidness, and the plethora of information and experience exuded by both instructors, as well as their patience and helpfulness with us, above and beyond after hours.

Hal LeTourneau, 19 November 2020

Dale and Forrest are great teaching instructors. I recommend them to anybody wanting to learn real estate.

Anonymous, 19 November 2020

I absolutely loved this class! I learned so much from Dale and his enthusiasm and knowledge are unmatched! I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in getting their real estate license! Thank you Dale for all of your efforts and for being so flexible and taking the time to modify classes with COVID19. It was an absolute pleasure being able to learn first hand from you!

Emmy Freed, 23 April 2020

Great class, I really enjoyed it and I think a great part of me enjoying the class had to do with having such an enthusiastic teacher who cared and was willing to answer any questions that we had to the best of his ability. The course itself was structured in such a way that I believe it does drill information into your head and helps you see what you need to work on.

Eulysses Delgado Alcaraz, 23 April 2020

I’m so grateful for Dale. He really took his time to teach us everything we needed to know and to make sure we are ready for the state exam!

Shanna Kamerzan, 23 April 2020

Dale is a great instructor with obvious experience in real estate. Great sense of humor, easy-going, and encouraging.

Anonymous, 23 April 2020

Very informative and enjoyable. Dale is a topnotch instructor, professional, knowledgeable, and personable. Dale went above and beyond in response to the COVID19 situation. Would definitely recommend Dale’s class. Thanks!

Andy Hall, 23 April 2020